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[ applause ] yes, thank you. it's my turn to take a stab at the "state of the union." [ applause ] he got longer applause than that. knock it off. here is what i learned last night after watching the president speak for 70 minutes. this administration doesn't know that little word called "mathematics" and they don't know how to use logic. i mean, how come he got applause after everything stupid he said last night. okay, this, this audience is hacking me off! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: by the way, the applause was played by the camera people and they did a lovely job on that. hello, america. all week we've been wondering
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which president would show up for the "state of the union" address. would it be the hey, people aren't digging my agenda, triangulate move to center, obama. or would it be the arrogant do-it-my-way progressive obama? i don't think we saw either of the guys show up last night. arrogant progressive, at least to me doesn't even begin to describe what i saw last night. it was more like watching, i don't know, fabio stare at himself and then that randy macho man savage part of obama educate america on how great he is. you know what i mean? one conclusion i draw from last night is the president thinks we're all stupid. america sent a clear message to washington in the recent months. his response wasn't a message of slowing down or cutting back, or even listening or responding to peech ing ting to. with a we got is keep your mouth shut and fall in line
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or i'll give you another speech because you were so stupid you didn't understand the last one. my plans are really great. one of the teams last night was partisan politics. i'm down two quarts of blood from the speech last night. blood may shoot out of my eyes if i play it again you be here we go. >> i'm tired of the partisanship and the shouting and the pettiness. they know we can't afford it. not now. >> glenn: we can't afford it. can't afford a lot of things. partisan bickering. is that the problem in america? i hate it, too. republicans, shut up and sit down. democrats, shut up and sit down. let me bring a little something into the conversation i like to call logic. and math. let me show you something. this represents the house of representatives and this is the senate. okay. they're like the bag of the blue ones is the democrats and there is like, i don't
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know, 256 of them. 178. okay. to pass something, you got to be able to do that. you got to get half of them. got it. i think they can do that. let's go to the senate side. i don't know if you notice something here, but it's weird. i didn't take a class at harvard for math, but there are 60 blue ones and 40 of the red ones. you know what that means? that is supermajority. that doesn't mean it's like super! it means you can ignore what the other side says. the republicans they could all be in the bathroom or decided to bring in a coffee can today -- how appropriate. i'm going to put politicians in it. chock full of nuts michigan grandmother used to have a coffee can underneath her sink in the kitchen and she would take all the scraps and the stuff we eat or weren't going to eat and she's put them in the coffee can.
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she would put it back underneath the sink. and we'd go outside to the farm and feed the scraps to the animals, the geese or the chickens or whatever. she'd keep them in the coffee can underneath the sink. put all the republicans in here. they could be right underneath the sink at grandma's house. they're all gone. hey, where did the republican goes? under glenn's grandma's sink. that's where they are. okay? they're spread out a little more. make yourself comfortabcomforta. now let's say they want to pass something. it doesn't matter. they can pass it. they can pass everything they want as long as these people agreement. scott brown was a win. that was a change. one of the little blue dots changed from blue to red. oh, scott, you're in trouble.
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what does that mean? that is a speed bump. remember, to get a bill passed in the senate, all you need is 51 votes. they got more than 51 votes. they have 59. but you want to really bring in everybody for the debate and do it bipartisan, then if you just don't have the blue or red dots, you can tell everybody sit down and shut up. that's what the supermajority does. sit down and shut up. called the filibuster. this one magnet can stand up and say wait, wait, wait. this doesn't make sense. this is what happened at the end of mr. smith goes to washington. he's going to talk until he passes out or until he gets other people on board to say yeah, yeah, yeah, wait a minute. that doesn't make sense. but until this magnet was red, you couldn't even do that. they didn't have anybody to stand up. they couldn't do it.
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let me ask this question. how have the republicans held the president's agenda up? they're under my grandma's sink. no matter. they didn't stop his agenda. the tea parties didn't stop it. the filibusters didn't stop it. the progressives did. here is the real fight. if the progressives against the democrats. i think there is probably more progressives than democrat democrats. let me show you something if i may make my case. this is from the progressive change campaign committee. they're calling out blue dog democrats who betrayed them. here is another progressive add attacking harry reid. in the ad, they titled harry reid, is he strong enough? watch this. >> here in nevada, the
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majority wants it. senator reid, the insurance companies can not be trusted with our lives. nevadaens want choice of public option. >> glenn: okay. you got it. these are blue dots attacking other blue dots. that's what this is. let me show you another one. this is on rahm emanuel. watch this from rahm emanuel. >> in chicago for 30 years. rahm emanuel was our congressman. when i had spinal surgery, the medical bills were enormous. our insurance company tried to get out of paying bills they were clearly responsible for. >> glenn: so progressives declared war on members of the democratic party. currently we have 82 declared members in the progressive caucus. it's the largest democratic caucus. people like to say the tea party stopped healthcare from passing. they're right but only in this sense. not the way the media and barack obama spins it.
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this is how it is. they are going to tell you that the tea parties got the right, all the crazy hood guys all stirred up. the republicans stopped healthcare. no, no, no. they couldn't. they're under my grandmother's sink. the truth is the tea parties scared these democrats who were starting to move over in this direction. when the tea parties happen, a lot of these people came back and said wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. a lot of these people are independent. they voted for me and i'll be thrown out and eaten by these people if i go home. progressive said and? if it's the evil republicans who have been stopping all of this, what a colossal waste of money in our government. they haven't bribed the republicans. they've been bribing democrats. mary landrieu, this blue dot.
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remember her? she got $300 million. was she a republican or democrat? she is a democrat. if they just needed the evil republican from nebraska ben nelson as the last vote to get healthcare, i'd understand. but ben nelson is a democrat. logic and math. they are going to be this administration's undoing. they don't seem to engage or believe in any of the principles like mathematics. let me take the statement he is going to fix the economy by doubling our exports watch. >> tonight we set a new goal. we will double our exports in the next five years increase to support 2 million jobs in america. >> glenn: unless we're exporting jobs, i don't know what we'll do. logic and math. logic would say, okay, we're going to double our exports.
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two questions. what is it that we're currently making that the rest of the world wants twice as many of? and why aren't they buying it? the logic side of me says, i didn't even know we were making stuff in america anymore. but making enough stuff to sell twice as fast. i mean, what is that? would which brings me to the math side. why don't we make things in america anymore? logic. oh, logic and math cost of make things, labor unions! oh, my goodness. hay b labor unions. aren't that the ones advising the president how to fix thing? this is tough when you use logic and math. the president is pushing stuff like green, like solar panels. ask you this, america, using logic. do you truly believe we can continue to make solar panels
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here? we may make the best solar panels in the world but we're making them with the labor unions green restrictions, epa stan drdz and dards and law everything else we have. do you think we can make them cheaper than they can make them in china? do you think we can make anything cheaper than they can make in china? how do we double our exports in five years? i'd love to see anyone in the media ask robert gibbs, the president, anyone. what are we going to double? what is it? maybe we could double exports by becoming inventors. invent new stuff. that's good. okay. but we need an education. we need to be smarter, we theed to be freer, but that's not coming. smarter, education, here is what the president said on education last night. >> let's tell another 1 million students when they graduate they will be required to pay only 10% of their income on student loans. all of their debt will be
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forgiven after 020 years and forgiven after 10 years if they choose a career in public service. because in the united states no one should go broke because they chose to go to college. >> glenn: 10% of your income. that is fantastic. you got it? you could take out a giant loan and go to harvard and you only have to pay -- say you take out $250,000 loan. but you only make 40,000. you only have to pay 10% every year of your income. back. after 20 year, whatever is left, don't worry about it. we got it! now remember, we're in according to the president, we're in the wreckage of the worst time in american history since the civil war. the great depression, world war ii, or the civil rights movement. but the federal government is going to pay for universal colle college, logic and math. ask logical questions. how do we pay for the
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college? most people can't afford college. we're having a hard time. average cost of college is $26,000. where is the government, for your children, my children, everybody else's children, where are they going to get the magical $26,000? well, he just said. they're going to pay for it because you are going to get a government job for ten years after. oh. so are you working for free? no. no. no. logic would force me to point out here, if you are working for got, that is not going to turn out a lot of inventors or entrepreneurs because you're now working for the government and government have an effect on people they all of a sudden go deck inside. whatever, here is your driver's license. i'm going to go home and run a hot bath and kill myself. that's what happens. you suck all of the energy out of people but you put them on the payroll. who is going to leave after ten years in government if they are going to face a pay
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cut? the giant pay cut is what is coming. here is the math part. average salary in the private sector, you work at wherever. you just don't work for the government. you make, that is the average salary in the private sector. but if you work for the government, the average salary, are you ready -- $71,000. wow! plus you get great benefits. they are going to pay for all of your college after ten years. help me out here. logic and math. how are we going to pay for this plus what is remaining of this? how are we going to do that? that doesn't sound like an economic plan i understand. just another thing on education.
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they already indoctrinate our kids. now they'll have the whole system from craid to grave. won't it be great? i'm sure they'll never profile or level the playing field or anything. it will all be based on merit. that's what it will be. no indoctrination. i love this. this is little pals found this. we're going to use this for our special. this is so cute. washing our hands before each meal. clean hanker chief each day, regular bathing, sun and bedding. we love this. washing shoe, air cuth, shampoo. we love to study. learn our characters. it start school tomorrow. on my way to school, we learn the words "long live chairman mao." pay to attention to that last page. we're in foreign language class. we do our homework carefully. let me test you. we love revolutionary stories. oh, it's going to be great. it's going to be great. listen, you want to
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fundamentally transform america, what do you have to do? indoctrinate, control the press. you have to control education. you have to control the banks. you have to control energy. you have to have complete control. when logic and math fail, what does this administration do every single time? every time. stories of little johnny who doesn't understand wall street. or i didn't give enough speeches to make the dummies in america understand. if they don't, if they can't win in your heart and your mind, well, then they attack your pocketbook. they bribe you. they did it in air own party with nelson and landrieu. free college, they're doing it for you now. free college for everyone. let me ask you this question and this is a question you really have to answer. is your freedom, is the financial trueture of your children purchased?
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this cheaply? remember, barack obama says it's the worst time in american history. i mean we are in the wreckage of the worst time in history. how is he going to solve it? >> tomorrow, i'll visit tampa, florida, where workers will soon break ground on a new high-speed railroad funded by the recovery act. >> >> great. i lived in tampa. that will be a nightmare. by the way, the high-speed train is yours for $1.3 billion. logic and math. think of all the families now headed out for disney for day. instead of driving from tampa to orlando, you know, the hour or hour-and-a-half it usually takes there, what the president is banking on, they're now going to load the family in the car, battle for a parking spot in ebor city, just outside of tampa, where the train will be, pay for parking, expensive train ticket, pile the family on the train to save 20 minutes of travel time. how about this one? this is even better. how about the people coming from all over the country to
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go to disney. they have been saving entire year to be able to afford to go to disney world. they're going to be there for eight days. in those eight days they are going to convince their kids to leave disney to visit an old cigar factory in tampa, florida. my gosh, the country is already saved. that is part of the stimulus. except we're not calling it a stimulus package anymore. what was he mentioned last night? yes, i remember. the jobs bill. >> that is why jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> glenn: a new jobs bill. how great is that? i don't want an old stimulus package. they are calling at it jobs bill because it had a different name. listen to a democrat talk about it. >> the other thing i'll point out is we now have, are working on, we're told not to call it another stimulus. we'll call it a jobs bill. >> glenn: saul alinsky said
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if you are in trouble step on the accelerator. when scott brown won i told you if you are dealing with a politician, he'll triangulate. we're not dealing with a politician. he was so mesmerizing on people on the left chris ma che -- chris matthews even said this last night. >> i was trying to think about who he was tonight. it's interesting. he is post-racial by all appearances. i forgot he was black tonight for an hour. you know, he's going a long way to become a leader of this country and pass so much history in a year or two. >> glenn: excuse me. he could go on. did i hear him say he forgot he was black for a minute? wow! he must have been good. i don't know. i don't know, what gets in the way of math and logic, but the people get it. the people in america are awake. they are informed. for the first time really in my life, they're angry. more importantly, they are
5:20 pm
determined as well, mr. president. if i may compare our economic troubles to our war on terror, our government thinks we just went through 9/11 economically. i got news for you, i think we're at the uss cole point. 9/11 is still on the horizon. and just like the government acted after the cole, the warning signs for all there but they played politics. just like they're doing now with a new financial 9/11 looming on the horizon. the good news is unlike the real 9/11, the people this time are wide awake. they know the corruption and the reckless habits in washington. and we are awake and we ain't going to let it happen, not on our watch. just remember this: 9/11 may be why we fight. but 9/12 is why we will win. the paradigm has changed. @=h
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>> glenn: i still can't get over what i witnessed last night in the "state of the union" speech. i've never seen anything so condescending, just an arrogant display from a president before. you'd think he'd be a little humbled by the massive upswell against big government in this country. but he didn't. instead he doubled down. change he said wouldn't come easy. adding, i can't do it alone. really? we're so sorry to be holding you back from achieving the fundamental transformation of america. pardon us citizens from getting in the way of your big plans. >> i know that there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change. but -- >> glenn: the scientists that faked, the fake science? >> and yes, it means passing
5:25 pm
a comprehensive energy and climate bill. if anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, let me know. let me know. >> glenn: i got one. >> let me know. >> glenn: i got one. you've got my phone null, call me. i'll tell you. call me right now and i'll tell it to you. he talked down to us last night. you got a better idea on healthcare, let me know. then he had the gal to say -- i mean things are blatant, unless you aren't paying attention, if you are paying attention in this country, you know these things are absolutely blatantly shockingly untrue. >> that's why we excluded lobbyists from the policy making laws or seats on federal boards or commissions. >> is that the caveat, is that what it is? an interesting thing to say, especially when your staff has a lobbyist or two in it, or maybe it's three. i don't know. take a look. let's count.
5:26 pm
okay. four. there are more than 30 lobbyists in this administration. these are just a few of them. does this look like somebody who is excluding a lobbyist? he actually said this, this is a campaign promise that he said he was going to make. he broke it over and over and over again. those of us in the media who are honest about our work, we noticed when he broke the campaign promise, did you notice the caveat there? he said it with a straight face. how does the man sleep at night. he said some of the most amazing thing us've seen a president say in the "state of the union," including calling people out like me and bill o'reilly. the president decided he was going to lash out as well and this was horrifying to the supreme court who recently dealt a set-back to mccain-feingold. here is what he said. >> last week the supreme court reverse adventurery of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interest, including foreign corporations to spend without limit in our election.
5:27 pm
[ applause ] i don't think the american elections should be bankrolled by america's most powerful interest. or worse by foreign entities. >> glenn: maybe like george soros. this is the supreme court of the united states. look what he is doing here. f.d.r. did it. they rule on something, say it's unconstitutional. he says i don't really care. i'm going to fight you, go around you, i'll do whatever i have to do. well, let me ask you this. did you see what happened with judge sam alit snosh he reacted shaking his heads and mouthing the words, "not true." now he's getting ripped apart. the judge is, for being invited in a house and then by the people who say i'm going to invite you in and you have to stand there. nail your hands to your legs. don't react an don't do anything. i'm just going to insult you to your face anddy me dd demean. when joe wilson yelled out, i didn't think it was the right
5:28 pm
thing to do. decorum for the love of pete. we're not england. alito didn't do a wrong thing here. in response to the bipartisan commission that obama wanted on the deficit, that got voted down. the senate didn't like that one. but listen carefully, america, it's what we told you was coming back last spring. listen to obama's response. >> yesterday, the senate blocked a bill that would have created this commission. so i'll issue an executive ord they're will allow to us go forward because i refuse to pass this problem on to another generation of americans. >> glenn: i want to make sure you understand, remember the math i showed you. republicans can't stop or block anything. the republicans don't have the power. they're in my grandma's coffee can. this is supposed to be the three equal branches of government. but one seems to be more equal than the other. you tell me which one is
5:29 pm
still standing. you saw a bully last night. pushing around the supreme court. lying ablobbyists and announcing if he he needs to, he is going to go right around it. go around congress. executive orders. go around the supreme court. you made yourself irrelevant, irrelevant. you are irrelevant. congress is irrelevant. the supreme court is irrelevant. be careful. we've got a revolutionary on our hands, i believe. back in a minute. úúú
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call now. i'm patti ann browne. bernanke has been con firmed for a second four-year term as head of the federal reserve. the vote was 70-30. bernanke has been credited by some steering the economy through crisis, but others stay his policy is set the stage for the recent turmoil. he encountered the stiffest opposition the senate put up for such a confirmation in 30 years. president obama is asking republicans to join him and fellow democrats on healthcare reform. obama says, "i want them with us, speaking of the republican congressional minority that oppose pd of his proposal. "catcher in the rye" author j.d. salinger died of natural causes in new hampshire. blek b bret baier has preview of "special report." >> bret: hey. more democrats defect from
5:34 pm
the lan to try 9/11 terrorists in new york. and healthcare developments tonight. join me at the top of the hour for "special report" now. back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: all right. last night the president took apart -- i mean he made an enemy list. bankers, capitalist, anybody who makes money because they were greedy. that's what it was. in part, that's true. greed in all of us, that's with a got us into this mess. he says, i'm going to get every penny back from the greedy bankers. most people cheer as i do. i didn't want them to get the money in the first place. got it? we're on the same page. the problem is it can get really muddy here because most people don't understand what the problem was or who the bad guys really even are. one thing to say the greedy bankers. well, what really happened? let me show you. let's go over some of the
5:35 pm
evil people from the "state of the union" speech. i mean, some of the evil people of i'm going to skip me and hannity and bill o'reil o'reilly. the evil tv pundit that the president pointed out in the "state of the union." go to the part where he talks about the banks. >> i refuse to let america go back to the culture of irresponsibility and greed that made it possible. back to an economy with soaring ceo salaries and shrinking middle class income. back to the days when banks made reckness decisions that hurt wall street and main street alike. today the same banks are once again making billions of profits and on track to hand out more money and bonuses than ever before. while the american people are still in a world of hurt. >> the people on wall street still don't get it. they don't get it. >> glenn: oh, boy, they sure don't. no, they seriously, they don't get it. they don't get it.
5:36 pm
barack obama knows about not getting it. after all, he is still going after healthcare reform because he believes the only reason why we don't like it is because he hasn't said it enough or he hasn't said it loud enough. i digress. back to the evil bank and bankers. can we do that? >> you guys are drawing down $10, $20 million bonuses after america went through the worst economic year it's gone through in decades. and you guys caused the problem. we got 10% unemployment. why do you think people might be a little frustrated. >> glenn: don't confuse those evil bonuses with the millions of dollars of good bonuses received by fannie and freddie. the executives there after their $110 billion bail-out that there seems to be frustration over that one from politicians. don't confuse those really greedy bonuses with the bonuses that the government guaranteed to the executives if they would just come in and help the government clean up the mess in some of the
5:37 pm
banks and work some of them for a full year for a dollar. and then be doe monized for -- demonized for asking for the payment. no. let's talk about the bad bonuses like the bonuses at goldman sat satches, because everybody knows they're evil. >> the j.p. morgans or the go goldm gold mman sachs or companies that are called too big to fail. if you're that big, you bet ver a bunch of safeguards so we don't have to bail you out if you make bad mistakes. >> glenn: i got it. fat cats. wall street bankers. ask anyone on earth and they will tell you the biggest fat cats on -- the wall street bankers, the biggest fish in the evil sea is goldman sac sachs. the worst of the worst. i need you to pay attention here for a second. i'm going to show you, we're going to make this the problem. on the other board, when we
5:38 pm
come back, i'll show a solution. the bank, goldman sachs, all the fat cats getting fatter, gorging themselves on you, the unexpected public. you were told that, well, you could buy. who told you? you could buy a house for more than you could afford. who told you that? the government did. george bush was one of them. he told you that. got it? because of politic, he and barney frank and all over there they were tricking you into borrowing with predatory loans from the banks. but there are other people here, see, because they repossess the homes when the inevitable mortgage defaults came. more and more loans given by banks to those people who couldn't afford them. people, some of them, didn't even have to prove i.d. so whose job is it to mind the store here? to oversee the banks and see what is going on? where was everyone? i know that i was saying two, three, four years ago, this doesn't make any sense.
5:39 pm
please, please don't do it. don't take out these loans because they are going to create a housing bubble here. it will burst. i was called crazy and names for bringing it up. i was called crazy because nobody else was talking about. whose job was it to protect this before it melted down? the federal reserve. that's their job. their job is to protect the economy. well, what were they doing at the time? working with this guy. they were lowering rates, making it easier to get money. they took money and make it less cheap, made it more enticing and they gave it to these people who gave it to these people. got it? all the while, greenspan is on record blaming china. china, china. renowned economist anna schwartz said there has never been a sub prime mortgage crisis if the fed had been alert. this is something alan
5:40 pm
greenspan must have answer for. well, he had to have good advisors around, right? alan greenspan, he's no dum dummy. greenspan has a bunch of advisors. he does. they have a bunch of chairs, 12 fed chairs all around the country. really smart people sit in fed chairs and they oversee things like goldman sachs. they oversee citi or bank of america. that's their job. a guy who sat in one of the chair, if fed chair, the new york fed chair, it was his job under alan greenspan to watch these guys. to make sure that everything was on the up and up. make sure nothing is wrong. the fed's only job is to stand at a sentinel to guard against nefarious bankers. greenspan's job was to guard the economy of the united states that's his job.
5:41 pm
while the banks, goldman sachses are coming up with things, i can't explain to you. they can't. cdo, greenspan and the rest of them didn't see it coming. no, no, no. they didn't see it coming. so if i left the story like this, i would have to say i agree with the president. because they just didn't see it coming. they didn't know. no idea. maybe that guy should have known. how did he know? this guy, well, i don't know. it was really these guys pumping it out. right? when i come back in a second, isle show you the solution the president is working on. i'll fill out some of the chairs and the other things and you tell me if the solution sounds like a solution or another problem next.
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>> glenn: all right. here is the problem with the banks. remember, president obama is going to fix the banks going after the bad banks. that's what he is going to do. of we showed you the evil doers, goldman sachs an those supposed to oversee them, the fed. but the fed was making cheap money and help consumer and george w. bush get in risky
5:46 pm
loans. greenspan retired and this is pretty much a quote, i didn't understand the c.d.o.s. he didn't know what was going on. we need a replacement for him as fed chair. this is still under bush. before we're into anything. who does he pick? ben bernanke. alan greenspan didn't see this stuff coming but surely ben bernanke did. right? >> unquestionably housing prices are up quite a bit. it's important to note fundamentals are also very strong. we have a growing economy, jobs, income. we have very low mortgage rates. >> what is the worst case scenario if in fact we were to see prices come down substantially across the country? >> i don't buy your premise. it's unlikely possibility. we never had decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. it's a reasonable possibility we'll see strengthening of the economy in the middle of the year. overall, the economy economy
5:47 pm
appears likely to expabbeded a moderate pace in twep with growth strengthening in 2008, to a rate close to the economy's underlying trends. is that person of the year, ben bernanke. maybe it's because he was new, you know? he just got there. he didn't know. the problem is he's been at the fed four years. remember i show had had this chair down here, the fed chair. there is 12 fed chairs. one new york fed chair. this guy oversees all of goldman sachs, bank of america, citigroup, all of that. this is the guy who stands as a sentinel again in new york. make sure nothing bad is happening here. that guy, what a moron that guy was, huh? good thing we now have this guy who didn't see it coming. who was this man? who was this man sitting in that chair? oh, boy, oh boy.
5:48 pm
when george bush left, we got a new guy. we want to get that guy and the new york fed chair. he didn't see that. we want to get that guy. and put him in as the new treasury secretary. things respect going well now, are they? now he's in mix. oh, golly. if you're trying to sol tv the problem, we just selected the two people that didn't see it coming. they didn't see it coming when they were melting down. they were supposed to stand as sentinels, that's their only job. i'm sure because our president has absolutely zero economic experience, none, i don't even know if he's worked at an mcdonald's and made change. none. he is a lawyer and a professor. surely he is smart enough to find good people to point him in the right direction
5:49 pm
economically, right? oh, he has found some really good people to clean up this mess. really good people. blue ribbon panel. show them to you, next.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
>> glenn: all right. so barack obama, he wants a blue ribbon panel to help him figure out what really went wrong with the economy. he's done a good job so far. so far we have the replacement for alan greenspan who we just showed you has no idea what was happening. he didn't see thism coming at all. the meltdown, didn't see it coming. by the way, the person of the year. the guy two was in the fed chair, the new york chair, supposed to oversee goldman sachs. we got him in the obama
5:53 pm
administration. obama has a few other advisors. look at these people. these are great advisors he's picked. they have one thing in common. this is fantastic, because remember, evil goldman sacsachs. let's get the bankers. they have one thing in common. watch this. here they come. ahh. oooh. uh-oh. goldman sachs. uh-oh. goldman sachs. uh-oh, goldman sacsachs. uh-oh, goldman sachs. i'm starting to notice a pattern here. so, goldman sachs was the problem. the guy overseeing bank of america, now our treasury secretary and can't figure out turbo tax. they're now oversees the government. from goldman sachs. i wonder what my advice would be. do we have the pictures? it's a little like this. i think it's like saying let's hire these peep.
5:54 pm
bonnie and clyde. say hey, you, too, we, we need help. we got to catch the two people who just robbed the bank. they're like okay. all right. well, how can we help you? well, we don't know anything about them or anything, but we do have a vague description of them. we know it's a man and a woman. and they look a little like this. can you tellp us? yeah. can i have a picture real quick? for security purposes we need the combination to every safe in the country. while we're looking we immediate the combination to the safe. we'll search all over. you go to police station and look there. we'll start at the banks. as bad as bonnie and clyde were, because that's really who these guys are, goldman, as bad as bonnie and clyde were, they didn't do nearly as much damage to the country as al capone did.
5:55 pm
in this scenario, who is al capone.? i didn't even mention al capone. it's fannie mae and freddie mac. nobody is even looking at those guys. they're the al capone of this story. oh to, by the way, you know the president, he talked about giving everybody student loans? taking care of that last night? you know who the government uses to handle all that money and give everybody loans? yeah. fannie mae and freddie mac. going to turn out well, don't you think? back in a minute.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> glenn: by the way, we had an argue in the the break. fanny does student loans and freddie does notting hill. fannie does, and sallie mae does. i lump them together because mom, dad and child. it's the same stuff. don't forget, this saturday the bold fresh tour will be simulcast live in theaters across the country. you will see myself and bill o'reilly together on stage. go to to be able to get ticketsment one more thing, tomorrow is the truth on progressives like you've never seen it. don't miss it. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc

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